About the Chef

Alyssa Cox
Certified Natural Foods Chef

A passion for creativity has always driven my life. As a child and teen you could find me on stage singing and acting in musical theater, or deeply involved in painting, drawing, or sculpting. As I grew older I found solace in philosophy and spiritual writings and teachings. This led me to reading about natural healing, and holistic Alyssa Cox, Personal Chef nutrition which opened my eyes to the wonders and healing properties of food, I began to experiment with different food and to change my diet. A new passion awakened within me. Here I found a direction where I could utilize my creative juices and also eat my creations! What a wonderful side effect!

Over the years as my enthusiasm (and cookbook collection) grew I decided that it was time for me to take a serious step towards developing my craft. I enrolled in Bauman College’s Natural Chef Program. It was wonderful to be among like minded people and to dive more deeply into the world of food and nutrition. Since graduating from Bauman College I’ve done everything from personal cheffing for raw fooders, writing recipes for a vegetarian magazine, to cooking for 200 vegans and vegetarians daily on one of America’s biggest rock and roll tours.

The world of food is an endless exploration. It is primal, sensual, ritualistic and necessary for survival. It is this alchemy of food and nutrition that drives me to create delicious foods for others. Whether that be by creating organic and nutritious meals for busy families in their homes or by teaching private lessons in the art of raw food cuisine. I hope that you will be inspired to take advantage of the Bay area’s culinary splendor and to create and eat delicious, healthy foods as I do.

Bon Appetit!