Here are a few samples of foods that I have created for clients, classes and magazine columns. I hope you they inspire you to get into the kitchen and start creating!

A note about ingredients…

In this day and age it almost goes without saying to use organic produce whenever you can. It might cost more, but it pays for itself with its wonderful taste and the health it provides for you and the planet. It is also smart to eat as seasonally and locally as possible. This makes it easier on your pocket book, and also makes eating more fun. How wonderful fresh organic strawberries taste in the summer when you have been dreaming of them for months! Check out the local farmer’s markets and support small businesses! Buying from local farmers insures vibrant freshness, and also cuts down the use of fossil fuels. Makes sense to get kale from a farm 30 miles away instead of mangoes shipped from thousands of miles away!

I also like to use high quality seasonings and fats. Organic virgin olive oil and coconut oils are a wonderful way to add luscious richness to many dishes. Also be on the lookout for a good salt. I like Celtic sea salt, Himalayan sea salt or Real Salt. These salts are natural and mineral rich. They taste nothing like the deadened, bleached, iodized table salts that many of us are used to.

Wedding Salad